Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois Memorial Food Bank

FREE Food Bank Services Available On Campus!

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Food Bank (HUB of Hope Information)
In addition to food services, Pathways of Hope offers hygiene kits, clothing vouchers, California photo ID referral services, and community resources and referrals. The HUB is open Monday to Friday, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Call 657-500-8771 for more information.

Hub of Hope
611 South Ford Avenue,

Fullerton, CA 92832

Operational Days/Hours: 


Monday to Friday 1:00pm-4:00pm

We are open and available to serve students in between semesters. 

Operational Phone Line:


Please note considering the current situation and the workload we might not be able to respond to calls in a timely fashion. Kindly bear with us. Students are encouraged to just show up to the HUB of Hope during the operational hours mentioned above

Basic Needs Resources for Students

Please visit our Basic Needs page with further resources

Student Support Resources

The Office of Student Support Services is actively building out a resource finder for students. Please visit the Resource Finder website to learn more.


On Campus Location:

1955 (next to the pool)

Operational Days/Hours (SPRING 2024): 

Mon: 2PM – 4PM

Tues: 9:30AM – 12PM / 1PM – 4PM

Wed: 9:30AM – 12PM / 1PM – 4PM

Thurs: 9:30AM – 12PM / 1PM – 4PM

Fri: 9:30AM – 12PM

Contact Person: Veronica Alvarez

Phone Line:
Office: 714-992-7083
Food Pantry: 714-992-7162

History of Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois-Walker Memorial Food Bank

The Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois-Walker Memorial Food Bank was established by Faculty, Managers, Staff, Students, Retirees & Volunteers to address the growing number of Fullerton College students, struggling to find nutritional food & resources to meet their needs.


The Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois-Walker Memorial Food Bank, encourages students that struggle with food insecurities to explore options on ways to promote nutrition and healthy eating. Please visit the website below for resources related to nutrition education: MyPlate


The mission of the FC Chris Lamm & Toni DuBois-Walker Memorial Food Bank is to foster a healthy college community by providing nutritious food to students and their families who are in need. We hope to alleviate hunger and provide access to quality and nutritious food.


The FC Food Bank assists Fullerton College students in need. To receive support, students are required to show a student ID or State Issued ID with a recent “Class Schedule/Bill”.